BORN and bred in Gweru, this youngster is climbing up the ladder to success. Sparking his modelling career in August last year, he is set to spread waves through Zimbabwe with a surely determined pace. He expresses how though a career in modelling is challenging for male models, he wants to suparss all challenges and reach the highest ranks possible. His daily order for now involves putting out all his work, doing photoshoots and collaborations with other successful male models and female so he gains traction fast and builds himself as not just a model but a brand in an upward direction.

“I’m preparing for my pageant on the 15th of February. So I’m trying to gather up everything that I need. Plus doing some collaborations with other successful models.” Mr. Mudzingwa is also an entrepreneur and a musician in his spare time. He also lives by the code, ‘Music is to the soul what food is to the body’ and who can doubt it with all the musical genres coming up, everyone gets a taste of their own. Mudzingwa is a career driven young man and a proffesional upcoming model with an eye for success, an ear for learning and a mindset of giving back.

He wants to indulge with top models to learn more and better his own career through taking notes from what the bigger models of his nature did to get to where they are and to stay in the spotlight. That’s a remarkable facet in his character as compared to how pompous other models usually display themselves. “I Will try to get in touch with top models like Zviko Motsi so that I get to learn more about this industry.” Not many people admit they want to learn from others, some act as though they have it all under control.

TAROPAFADZWA is participating in the Mr/Miss Valentine peagant to be held at Nexus (Batanai Gardens) on the 15th of February 2020. The peagant will have three titles up for grabs by the derseving models, these are: Mr/ Miss Valentine, Mr/Miss People’s Choice and Brand Ambassador. The entire event is being hosted by the good hands of Oblivious Talent Management Agency. Fans and members of the public from Harare and beyond are all invited for a promised night of real bliss on this Red Carpet Event commencing at 1700hrs to 2210hrs. According to Mr. Mudzingwa this event will be ground shaking and he wishes the whole nation could be a part of it, “if by any chance u r in Harare on the day , please come and let us make your night the best one ever!” He is probably the most enthusiastic participant in this articulate function to be held at the Nexus (Batanai Gardens).

MUDZINGWA is what the industry lacks. He promises a great 2020 to fans and members of the public as well as his community. He is planning to host a charity event at an orphanage yet to be announced so as to allow donors and well wishers to lend a helping hand as this society is plagued with an ailing economy that has seen to the struggle for daily life to most, especially those incapacitated to fend for themselves, what a soul! He believes making it alone doesn’t really hold weight but together a better world can be created. “I want to help my community , join hands with other models to rise together. I suppose being on the spotlight is quite good but I find it useless when you’re alone up there.”

Remember your vote counts everyday. Use the link below to help secure his position for the finals.

Voting lines for the Mr/Miss Valentinte peagant on the 15th are open until 14th of February 2020:
Taropafadzwanashe Mudzingwa contestant #6
Facebook: Taropafadzwa Mudzingwa
Instagram: drnash3116

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