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By Dr ckhupha

The City of Kings’ very own,Mc Mayor Wabantu, a socialite and events coordinator. We got the privilege to chat to Simon Muvundi just so we know the showbiz socialite better. Growing up in the streets of ThornGroove, Bulawayo, MC Mayor was self raised in a family of three that is himself, his father and young brother. He was faced with having to play a parental role hand in hand with his father in raising his young brother from a tender age of eleven years.

Mc Mayor Wabantu is Christian by faith and has all his life been Christened into the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA). He attained his education at St. Columbus and Bulawayo Adventist High School respectively.
With showbiz at heart, Mc Mayor Wabantu grew up watching SA shows like Top Billing, Zaziwa, RGB & etc… “i just told myself i want to be there too…” is what has driven him this far and yet to drive him beyond all he has accomplished. In his career he has been inspired by socialite idols such as Trevor Noah & Simbarashe Deremeti to mention but a few.
He has hosted events such as HIFA MSU Carnival (Midlands State University), Miss Midlands Summer amongst many others.
He is now a host at Zone In media, a new media company, where he interviews celebrities every fortnight. Through this show he has exposed further such talents as Comic Pastor, Jah Signal and more.

He is currently working with Condomize Campaign, a movement aimed at reducing the spread of RetroViral infections as well as unwanted pregnancies in the youth under the Ministry of Health & Childcare.

According to the star, the industry has given limelite and chances of exposure to Bulawayo artists although he also faces challenges like trying to expand in a city like Harare which is somewhat repellent to Bulawayo artists because of stereotype and ethnicity among the usual challenges. In his own word he says that “balokuba lesazano” which means the media has preferance of Harare Artists to Bulawayo ones.
Social media is slowly being adopted in Zimbabwe which is a good trend towards world standard showbiz and entertainment making it easy for one to get fame for instance the chicken inn couple, but the real challenge lies in keeping up with such appearances to maintain fame and expand fan base.
In the City of Kings he has been mentored by long time idols and inspirational figures like Clive Chigubhu, Babongile Skhonjwa and of course Zim Magazine which he would work with to build the Bulawayo Music, entertainment and showbiz industry.
He also is involved in the rising social media, artist marketing and events coordinating firm Shut Up & Groove Stable based in the City of Kings, Bulawayo.

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