Prince Ndlovu (Slim Motion), Owner and CEO of Amazon Entertainment Pvt LTD (AE) Official Statement on B-Metro’s recent article

I, Prince Ndlovu (Slim Motion), Owner and CEO of Amazon Entertainment Pvt LTD want to clarify that all allegations made by B-Metro concerning me and my business are FALSE. I do not understand why the media should report these articles without any proof or solid evidence.

To begin with, Amazon Entertainment does NOT have an underage model that clearly states that the published information is both inaccurate and disrespectful to me and my company. That put a bad mark on what I created and everything for what, a juicy, eye-catching story based on zero-proof whispers?

Why would I go through the trouble of building an empire, investing in it and maintaining everything that I stand for with such an act?

Amazon Entertainment is a place where both models and artists can be helped to grow and make a mark in the industry. We have shows/competitions, we have tours and we have never had any complaints of sexual harassment or any kind of problem from the AE authorities models and I have never asked/forced any of my models to sleep with me for a shot at the high table that I’m sure they can all confirm.

To me, as shocking as it is, it’s just speculation and fake news to mock me and ruin my business, which I say, “Nice try” to whoever went to B-Metro with that false information, but it’s going to take more than false charges to crack me or send AE down to the ashes.

When we want to be on the local paper for the good things we’re doing, we don’t get any coverage, but when things get bad and humiliating they’re quick to act. We’re trying so hard to make a difference in Local Entertainment and we’re expecting the media to help us reach everybody in the City but they turn a blind eye.


Niasha Mawere

Niasha Mawere

Niasha Elijah Mawere is popularly known as Niasha is a DJ, recording executive, songwriter, record producer, author, editor, artist and record label president. Born in Tshabalala, a high-density suburb in Zimbabwe's second-largest city, Bulawayo. After moving from Zimbabwe in 2012, he now resides in South Africa.

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