Robert Mugabe Farewell Poem by Khulekani Ndlovu

Our minds have been weighed down with pain Because We are balancing a heavy calabash Filled with tears of lamentation and grief
Which keep spilling and seeping out Drenching us with sorrow, for we have to say goodbye

You were a mighty eagle, your broad wings hovering over us,
your helpless nestlings Your fatherly love did not grant you the luxury of leaving us under the merciless arms of hunger
Neither did your conscience as a president allow you to kill the dreams of Zimbabwean children before they broke out
of the cocoon.

“Keep your England, I will keep my Zimbabwe” were your words
Utterly displaying your dedication to this motherland

You did not let our complaints fly all over like misfired arrows during the time of Zeus But with remorse you heard our calls and sprang into action Like a loyal warrior who has heard the trumpet call.

Presidency was not a position but a name you rightfully earned
And we will never forget you as our leader.

Your literacy was a dynamite that people could not fathom
You gave Zimbabwe a meaning
You gave Africans a new name
For your serenity has also marinated our spirits
And the world understands
That you’ were not a toothless tiger
But a sensible man who was not guided by emotions but by intelligence

We mourn today
Our giant has fallen
Your absence will be like staring into empty space
After the galaxy has fallen.
Remember we are your children
Forgive all our foolish and insensible actions
May your dear and fatherly soul
Find peace with this nation.
Farewell.Go well

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