SHUT DOWN ZIMBABWE 2 from 23 to 25 JANUARY 2019-Zimmagazine

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Thank you Zimbabwe for shutting down and exposing the cruel thugs, Mnangagwa, Chiwenga and everyone in Zanu PF.

They gave their youths guns and army uniforms to shoot us. Some of our friends and loved ones were killed.

Their blood (Ropa ravo/Igazi labo) will not be shed for nothing. We must end this satanic regime by standing strong and continuing the struggle.

So we are continuing the shutdown again from Monday 23 January 2019 until Wednesday 25 January 2019. Take the weekend to stock up all the essential things you need.

FROM Monday, schools and all businesses should be shut. Kombis should not move. Makombi please tapota ngasafambe/ lingatshovi!

We shall only allow hospitals attending to our fellows injured, courts and funerals to function.

Everyone else ShulleHUT your gate and door!! Real soldiers are with us/ masoja echokwadi arikutitsigira/ amasotsha sibili alathi.

CALL your family and all loved ones to stay indoors!!




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