Shut Up & Groove Events(Dr Ckhupha) Exposed for Scamming and Trying to Destroy The future of Bulawayo Artists-Zimmagazine

Real Name: Mpumelelo Khupe

Facebook Mpumelelo Khupe


Phone number +26378 3564928

Dr. Ckhupha and Shut Up and Groove Events claimed that Smash Kid had slept with every lady who loved his songs, so the strategy failed because of the support of Smash Kid’s fans has for him.

Dr. Ckhupha and Shut Up and Groove Events have also been making fake bookings, e.g. Cowdray show where they published that Silent Killer will be performing in the event they hosted.

Silent Killer is not the only well-known artist they used to get people to attend their event, just to name the few Ti Gonzi, Ammara Brown, Tamy Moyo, Vimbai Zimuto, Cal-Vin, Sandra Ndebele and many more said our source. Once they get tickets sold out or when they reach the gate takings they disappear from venues lying that they were going to pick up a certain artist in a certain place.

Dr. Ckhupha and Shut Up and Groove Events have been faking Empress Kiki’s identity for attention and fame, and there is no such person in Bulawayo. Miss KK is a Tanzanian rapper and dancer based in Durban SA, the real KK, so the SG Team has been posting videos and photos that pretend to be her. Dr. Ckhupha is the one behind the Empress Kiki scam, and according to our source, this is not the first time to do this.

We’ve heard complaints from other people saying the same thing. They’re using fake photos and identity to get hired at big events, once they get half payment and transport fees, they’ll block sponsors and alter their phone numbers.

Dr. Ckhupha and Shut Up and Groove Events have produced no presence, Empress Kiki, using Miss KK a Tanzanian female rapper social media photos and videos to scam supporters across the nation.

Fuse also learned that Dr. Ckhupha was Empress Kiki on the phone. { Dr. Empress Kiki. Ckhupha } also attempted to scam one of our publishers and many other people who requested not to tell their names.

For scam reports call or WhatsApp +263784807266

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