Skyz Metro FM ban Cal Vin’s music

Rapper Cal Vin’s freestyle, I’m So Bulawayo in which he disses Skyz Metro FM, has forced the local radio station to mute his music as they feel they have been abused by the artiste.

This is the second time Cal Vin has got himself banned by Esabantu as Skyz Metro FM is known.

On Sunday, Cal Vin released a diss track where he claimed that Skyz Metro FM was on a quest to make him irrelevant in the industry as they were mistreating and belittling him by not playing his current music and giving him early slots at their shows, not the prime ones.

In response to Cal Vin’s accusations, Skyz Metro FM’s executive producer Possenti Sikosana simply said their play rotation is purely based on talent and quality.

Like Cal Vin’s diss track, Sikosana took a dig at Cal Vin saying he is no longer as popular as he has been surpassed by better and younger artists, likely justifying why his music is not on high rotation.

“. . . However, self-appointed God Fathers of certain genres like Calvin Nhliziyo who have rested on their laurels while emerging talent takes the game to a new level are lost on all this. This emerging talent is producing better music hence its popularity as evidenced by requests during our shows.

“Calvin Nhliziyo was undoubtedly a star in yesteryear but unfortunately, he has remained wrapped in his self-made bubble of invincibility blissfully oblivious to the fact that other players have emerged,” said Sikosana in response to Cal Vin’s complaint that the station was not playing his music.

He further suggested that Cal Vin should be grateful to the radio station as he has benefited the most from them, by most recently buying a car from the money he won during a competition run by them. 

“Cal vin must understand that for a long time, he has not won any awards except at Skyz Metro where we have been very tolerant of his unbridled arrogance with the hope that he will develop more respect for himself, his colleagues, the station and the audiences. 

“If he is true to himself and the public he wants to hoodwink, he must tell everyone that in December alone he made $14 000 through events coordinated by the station including the Shutdown he tries to downplay. Today he is boasting of a car purchased from the proceeds of his appearances at our events. This is more than what any artist has made from our events,” said Sikosana. 

As for performing as an opening act during the Byo 2019 Shutdown, Sikosana said it was not their decision. 

“Cal Vin also knows that the final running order of the Shutdown was not done by the station but our partners. He knows this but it is more convenient for him to make preposterous accusations to feed his hungry ego.”

Refuting claims that the station was not playing Cal Vin’s new music, Sikosana said his new music was played 10 times in October, 22 times in November and 14 times in December. 

“In any case, we have never knocked on his Luveve home asking for his music and promising him exclusive airplay. That is not how we work,” said Sikosana.

Niasha Mawere

Niasha Mawere

Niasha Elijah Mawere is popularly known as Niasha is a DJ, recording executive, songwriter, record producer, author, editor, artist and record label president. Born in Tshabalala, a high-density suburb in Zimbabwe's second-largest city, Bulawayo. After moving from Zimbabwe in 2012, he now resides in South Africa.

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