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With Sleat having less than a month on the lame light it have proven that it has that passion to drive young upcoming artists
Through connections and through hard work

Sleat is a new marketing agency based in Zimbabwe having being founded by Onwell Mandinyenya and Garreth Chimanikire
It is an independent marketing agency set to be one of the best before the year 2019 ends.It is a program which is set to help all upcoming artists through links and through hard work and passion
Sleat is the place to be if you are an upcoming artists
All Sleat artists are set to have the first agreement put down on paper this coming Saturday with some private information still being hold
Eversince the day its been on the market Sleat has been doing its best to keep the artists on the lame light .

As sleat we are a non befitting agency but we believe that they is talent in Zimbabwe and through is it can be exposed

These following artists are those you need to check out on the Sleat board in 2019

#1 Lil Adriel
#2 Uncle Bob
#3 Younga Soft
#4 Awesom3 (Scotland based)
#5 Lil Vee Dox
#6 Tempo Kid
#7 Terrible
#8 Authur Iglide
#9 Jack Swag
#10 Tat Boi
#11 Ranx Tee
#12 Skyz Kushie263
All these rappers above have been committed to work with Sleat and are the next big thing in the hip hop sector

Of all these rappers through SLEAT MARKETING they have a story to tell in 2019 and believe it or not they are the next big thing

Sleat Marketing is located in Westgate bluffhill And for all information you need
Contact :0775939359

SLEAT vision by end of 2019
By the end of this year sleat must have its own recording stuido
Its own Brand label and all the things needed to deliver and Blast the hip hop sector

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