THERE is always waves of good and bad publicity spreading in the midst of celebrities and popular persons in the industry of any country. In a neutral eye, it is wise to accept that society is a facet that is entitled to opinion on the basis of freedom of speech. As such it is inevitable that any popular person gets into a phase where they need have the worst part of their life or career exposed. After that exposure, we go back to the drawing board where we say that this society is a democratic one with freedom of speech enjoyed by all who get information at their finger tips.

The year 2020 has began with highlights of drama yet to come through social media lash outs, publicizing of famous artists and cooperate figures with ills going on in their fields. There is introduction to newer artists and business addresses that enable the industry in BYO and beyond to keep at an ascending growth rate. Amongst tabloid issues like Dyce Babiza getting fired for theft and misconduct, Amazon Entertainment’s Slim Motion exposed for sex scandals within his team and its unaware young models or Cal_Vin and Sky’s Metro FM questionable allyship coming to an end, one may find the sex scandals more intriguing or worrying.

Amazon Entertainment has of late released a press statement with regards to their sex scandals that started off as an internal affair but later on came to involve even Dusheek Modeling Agency. In their defense, the Amazon Ent. boss said that he has no young models in the company and that all they do is legit and highly legal. This goes against the reality of it all as there actually are young models in the agency and most of them are not trained to be models, they just have a dream and Slim Motion trains them off a dream to have an agency as well.

As for Dusheek’s Sipho, he refuses to be attached to any of the Amazon scandals and emphasizes that his agency and theirs are different and not attached or similar in any way at all. This leaves Slim Motion and Amazon Entertainment as the prime forces behind child molestation that can put them behind bars for a long time. Their luck only lies in the fear of all victims to press charges and their pleading to stay anonymous. This is understandable because at a young age, it is depressing to have to be the one to witness against such acts. It affects young girls emotionally and decreases their self esteem for a long time as they are looked at differently by the public because of what happened to them. Most victims of gender based usually prefare to remain silent.

B-Metro tried in vain to contact the Amazon Entertainment for comment on the matter and their refusal to be seen for interview further confirmed the suspicions and disvalidated any claims made in their press statement of being innocent. On social media Amazon Artists and board members are lashing out on everyone and displaying signs of un professionalism at a time where they ought to be making the world understand thier standing points. What a way to start the year. One wonders how they will end it.

Dyce Babiza scoops R3000 off a wedding celebration right after getting fired from his employment place. What a luck. The youngster seemed to be taking the whole fiasco that be fell him negatively in bad behavior but thanks to the heavens he had his tears wiped in no time. Hopefully a great year ahead is coming for him in his music career and public personality.

Pumula Junction Dance Crew proved to be more powerful than anticipated as they beat so called best groups in the whole city and made it to final stages of the Star Brite competition without elimination or disqualification. To begin the year they are in the right track. With local promoter backing, Shut Up & Groove Events, they are likely to be in more sensual shows than the previous year. Thi group started off as a pansula type of dance group but the young talents are growing into world class dance and watching is an awe.

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