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Rapper is yet to drop his first studio EP titled Enough is Enough date yet to be announced.
Suny Grey did something which was never thought of him.
He’s calling out to all underground producers who think they have what it takes to make maggic from words
According to the rapper
Enough is Enough is more of a movement as he is aiming to tell stories which has been happening in Zimbabwe
He said

I mean we all know what we have been going through these past years not even including this pandemic if i was a novelist i would’ve written a book about this but hey it is what it is im a rapper so i might just write my wars on the paper.I call this project a movement because i would like every producer who think they can do Magic to come through at Noel Christos Records to show me what they got.

Im also dedicating this project to every producer in Zimbabwe a lot of people only know the likes of DJ Tamuka,Oskid,Rodneybeats,Cymplex and Levels but believe me when i say we have a lot of talented producers in ZIMBABWE and i promise when you hear this upcoming Movement you will know what im saying is the truth  ,We have people like Tronebeats and Perplex beats up to know i still wonder why they haven’t made it mainstream

So to every producer who wants to work with me on this project app me on
+263 71 492 9788
Show your talent
Each producer will work on one track
So what ill need you to do is to Send me your previous works on that app number and ill see which one i can put you on

The rapper has been on the rise since the release of Corona Carolina
He has been dropping freestyles after freestyles on his Instagram page
To showcase what he can do and since then the rapper has never disappointed
Noel Christos Records been exposing a lot of talent in 2020
Other artists are Tronixs The boss (Sito singer)
Denise the Menace
And Phill Bleck
2020 has changed a lot of things in the underground hip hop scene as young raper emerge from the ashes

I would like every producer in Zim to work with us on this project but unfortunately only 5 will be chosen this challenge will go on till we work with all i promise you*(from Suny Grey)

King 98 its time you open your inbox I’ll need you on this project too.
But i hope you can tell a stort story about the deep sands of mbare since you always on that private jet bro

Suny Grey Enough is Enough EP will tell many stories about us as Zimbabweans Are facing
Date to be announced
Event Location to be announced

Enough is Enough
Im a writer not a fighter i fight my wars on the paper

Suny Grey 2020

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