Talented young boy looking for an opportunity in the movie industry-Zimmagazine

My name is Talent Chiwaya. I am a boy aged 21 looking for the MOVIE INDUSTRY as a conduit to bring my brilliance to the world. I have not acted for one second in front of a MOVIE PRODUCTION camera and l would like the opportunity to do so before l retire from life. To add on to the above l am also kindly looking for SCREENPLAY AGENT WHO CAN HELP ME TO SELL OUT MY PROJECTS.I did wrote my marvel film script , painfull romantic love story & adventure film script right now and l greatly think and know the projecst will make a fascinating and great interest to viewers around the world.

My contact infor for whatsapp +263774125858

My contact for calls is +263774125858

My email is talechiwaya@gmail.com

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Thank you for your time and consideration

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