Terrible Rebrands as SUNY GREY promises to drop new singles

Rapper from Westside promises to drop new tracks from the 23th of March.The dreams and drugs rappers was off map in 2019 following rumors he was attention some production lessons.His comeback to the studio was when he released his Whine fih me Track which played well in local bars the tracked featured his long time friend Obreezy and the challenge was done by Cyprian.Since then SUNY GREY went offline musically and on all other social media platforms
In 2020 the rappers has been on the ladder going up and up with his songs titled free Which features Dennis The Menace.

Few of his fans were happy to see the rapper on heart and soul for the second time in his career
Since then the rapper has been shaking the underground waves
Still tryna rebrand the difficulties of changing a name that everyone was used to calling you.The rapper has not looked back, On to the surprise package the rapper added he will be dropping 5 tracks in his mother tongue (shona) (Just to show some love kuti ndiri Mwana Wevhu)
The upcoming tracks are titled Mundizive which will drop with a video (date to be confirmed)
Zvakaita Zvega a dedication to the late Memory Kakowa(greyz mother)
Some will come along the way (From Grey)

I would like to thank my fans for the patience yoo ,Its been long guys but you waited people like you in life mist be thanked .I promise you guys from the 23rd you will be receiving updates on what’s popping in my life etc you deserve it you guy’s,Thanks to all those who never gave up on me when they were supposed to,Also thanks to Mr Mlambo The GuRu of Blessings you guys will know him as time goes on ,I’m ready for the industry now I hope its ready for me




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