Commercial Model, Britney Yvette Chiyoko Matsiuke, is breaking new grounds on the 29th of February 2020 with a fresh out of the oven peagant show to be held every Leap Year, Miss Leap Year. Victoria Falls’ Shoe Strings Back Packers ought to be ready for this millennium event. Its most unusual for an 18 year old to be the brain behind a huge event of this magnitude. This definitely makes Britney a one in a million kind of girl. Most models her age struggle to make it past tiny competitions or be in control of their careers at all, but not Britney. “Most things around me have been my teachers. And they have motivated me to strive even more. The circumstances have taught me and uplifted me. Adding on to that I believe I have the right looks and attitude,” she says in an interview with Zim Magazine.

Miss Britney is aspiring to be a world icon in modeling, hall of fame should probably save her a spot next to Victoria Backham, with so much energy at a young age. She is a driven young woman who takes obstacles as lessons and not hindrances. With this attitude, she is obviously in the right path to success and prosperity, it would be a recommendation that other models, poets and young entrepreneurs follow in her path or take notes on how to best handle their careers as well. Miss Leap Year, is set to be the biggest modeling event ever to occur in Victoria Falls and this comes with a lot of risk for the young lady, as she should expect anything, it may be a success or not, but either way she prays for the best while she is also prepared for the worst. “I am aspiring to be the voice of the unheard as I inspire not only young people but old people as well above all aspiring to be Miss Universe one day.” You go girl!

One of the biggest challenges faced by the young lady concerning Miss Leap Year 2020 is that a lot of people may not attend the event thinking that the Shoestrings Back Packers Venue will be containing its usual drunk crowd and strippers which is not ideal for some to be found amongst. Well, to clear the mist, ZimMagazine has first hand alert that there will be NO STRIPPERS on the 29th of February 2020 as the venue is hired out for just the peagant on this day. “Please Note that there won’t be any strippers!” The event will commence at 1800hrs to 2200hrs. Britney promises that the day of the event will be cleared and the environment will be more conducive despite its previous reputation, “Well the place usually has strippers so that’s why most people will decide not to come but I assure them all that the day will be fully booked for the pageant.”

Miss Leap Year is a major event in Victoria Falls, the first of its kind. There are more than 26 competing models from all across the country, Kwekwe, Gweru, Hwange to mention but a few towns. These will go head to head for the crown of Miss Leap Year. Miss Britney is currently interviewing and underway to audition all these models to ensure proffesionalism on the day of the event. This is currently the biggest event on her calendar and public support would help her do justice to it. Britney’s love for her career not only shows in her involvement but her thriving to ensure the possibility of these events creating an infrastructure for others, Miss Mosi 2019 she was one of the sponsors. She wants to surprise people in 2020, “this event is a big risk so after the event I will know what to do and I think its best to keep them guessing.”

Britney was born to Leonorah Dyason and Langton Chiyoko Matsiuke on the 18th of January 2002 in Victoria Falls, she is one of six sisters. She grew up in Hwange & Vic Falls, attained Primary education at Esandleni Senkosi Pre school, Chinotimba Primary, transferred to Kings Primary school. She did high school at Marist Brothers in Dete. A level 1st term was at Eastview in Bulawayo then from there she has been homeschooling. What a journey!

Courtesy of ZimMagazine and Shut Up & Groove Events_2020

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