The Break Of Dawn: 2020-Zimmagazine

A new dawn has come, like the wise say, “after darkness comes dawn” the birth of a new day. The last day, 2019 saw to a massive all round celebration through out the City of Kings. Some were celebrating the new day, 2020 and some the end of a, well, horrific sleepless night in the form of 2019. With all that has happened in the country, it is no doubt everyone is looking for a new day. Anticipating a different set of worries and aiming at a higher set of goals.

Underway in every industry is the development and launching as well as creation of newer trades, better forms of interactions and hopefully greater outcomes for all fortes. The City of Kings and Queens saw to quite a remarkable set of events in its social spheres and it is probably every one’s wish that this year is more fired up and off the hook than any year gone by. In artists news and lifestyle updates- unraveling of scandalous life and behavior traits in popular stars’ private lives is a common form of entertainment.

On the same note, the year 2020 is a big year for the nation as a whole. A lot to be anxious about. Is Winky D going to be able to live normally with his album rumoured to have political weights. Food for thought is even if it has political alusions throughout, isn’t Zimbabwe a democratic nation or that’s only in theory? Well, the supposed “law” will be seen as time goes. A lot more launches from artists like JAC releasing a 2nd studio album are under way. Ama Can’t Get crew also dropped their EP at the end of 2019 and are set to take centre stages performing and promoting this house sensation.
In the hiphop/trap world there hasn’t been much news or noise except for the performances seen from the likes of Cal_vin, Muse to mention but a few at the recent Sky’s Metro Awards annual event. All participating artists promised huge drops in the course of this year, but promises were meant to be broken, weren’t they? A bunch of lined events from the unashamed Shut Up & Groove Events stable are lining calenders and the best advice would be “don’t miss out!” The Shut Up & Groove Stable has officially announced a new member to its crew: Attar Thusi, a talented dancer and personality. Expect flames on stage from the coming SG shows. Check local listings to locate the next shoe near you.

Shut Up & Groove is relaunching the controversial tabloid agent, RedPathMagazine Re-Loaded and is in firm partnership with ZimMagazine for the best news and entertainment frenzy in the City of Kings and beyond. Dr. C’Khupha and the SG Board have confirmed this news. Brace up for the new year, ladies and gentlemen. Anyone can tell its going to be am action packed 2020!

The sad news though, is that Eytoo the young photographer from the rising Dusheek Agency lost his life after collapsing suddenly on New Year’s Eve. What a sad alarm to end 2019 and welcome the new year. The cause of his tragetic timed death is uncertain as family members and close people are not yet forth coming. Condolences go to his family and loved ones. More news on his proceedings will be shared in due course. Artists are urged to be cautious an take their health seriously as well s seeking medical help when unwell.

Courtesy of Zimmagazine RedpathMagazine ,shut up and groove events

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