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By Dr ckhupha



YesBenshon Tarshen Basile also popularly known by his artistical name Lordflowcane lives in Bindura but was bred in Harare Chitungwiza ,due to her mother work of nature ( a doctor) he travelled lot of places and ended up living in Bindura were he did his primary education . Went on to Watershed College and did his O levels standard then finished his A level at a local School in Bindura. Being inspired by his instincts at the same time admiring the life of traveling from one place to another , expressing , talking about love and peace in his music . started his musical journey four years back in 2015. Released his first mixtape in 2016 Flexing fever, which came out to be a game changing piece of work in the streets of Bindura and released another one in 2018, The boy wolf ,which locked the streets.His big time achievement was inspiring the young generation in Bindura in one of the local shows .The only challenge that he has faced in the music industry is sponsorship as he does most of his marketing on his own and lack of management .Currently he is working alone , building his name tiresome
and he dropped his latest Shona single Came up from nothing which hitted the top five list in the hiphop countdown in Bindura. When he was asked what were the inspirational remarks that he had for his fans by the Zimmagazine editor Dr ckhupha this was what he said “to all my fans i just want to say love, peace and positivity is the only way forward”




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