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The musical story of Berto Reez from infancy stage, his journey with Skynet Empire, until he met Laws Empire.
This article, published on the 21st of August 2019 serves as a reference marking the tough rise of good character & professional musician called Herbert Ruwaza.

Herbert Ruwaza aka Berto Reez, born on the 8th of January engaged music at the age of eleven when he was learning at Imbabala Combined School in South Africa. Since then, he’s been interested in the art and blends with hiphop, edm & afrocentric material.
Driven by passion, Berto grew up practicing to sing. At A level at Mzilikazi High School in Bulawayo he composed a few songs & poems, as a beginner, and got special attention from the students and teachers that surrounded him. That high school hype & the audience at school positively motivated & encouraged Berto to do more. In 2017 Berto Reez had then completed high school with outstanding results. Due to the economic backslides, Herbert was forced to pause & delay furthering his studies. It was during that pause when Skynet Empire Worldwide, a record label and artist grooming platform, spoted him & admired his expandability. At first Berto signed up for a 1 year contract with Skynet Empire along with 13 others from his circle & with the help of Team SIDEX, but six months into the year, the label’s CEO terminated the contract and declared that Berto would remain in Skynet Empire as a student artist until he is ready to do music commercial, until he is adult enough to run his own brand off his art. The act of terminating Berto’s contract freed Berto from being a bonded artist, allowing him to do music however he wishes and utilise the label’s resources at no charge. Subliminally it was a way of testing the boy’s loyalty and measuring his calibre.

“At one point Carnot SkynetYzia told Berto & the other artists ” Guys look, I technically don’t care much about your musical talent because I can replace it, but I care more & invest in you because its your good characters&thinking capacity that determine the future. So know yourselves”
In 2018 Mr Reez made a very odd move. He turned down business proposals from a number of studios who wanted to sign him. Instead he became submissive to veteran artists & producers of Skynet Empire Worldwide, learning from them the skills that he started applying in his newly found art. Credited the most by Berto himself is one Fab Gemini who trained and advised Berto Reez. Carnot Skynetyzia, was but a shadow, there to provide the resources an artist needs ie free studio time, marketing and space for rehearsal. It was in 2018 that Reez did the most in his learning time. Berto Reez took contributed in Skynet Empire’s hip hop hits that rocked Bulawayo through Skyz Metro FM, two of them which are “Angikathali” and “Cool John”. The night these two songs were launched live on Radio, Berto took part in an exclusive interview with radio presenter Thorn LA Rock, where Berto, Fab G & Canibus Nei showed off his true colours of musicians with vision and proper long term plans.
A romantic song called “Lady Zamar”, caught the attention of the iconic Lady Zamar from South Africa& the Zim nation media platforms after Buzy PRK (from Team SIDEX) collaborated with Berto Reez. Needless to much…’s hard proof in the Chronicle News Paper.

Again a collabo with Nkosi D titled “Baddest” or “Pokelo” showed Berto’s maturity in music. He had become very flexible and developed a more unique taste of sound. The song Baddest/ Pokelo set greater trends in dancehall circles as the song is Ann afro-dancehall fusion.
Later on, Reez dropped the single “Belong” using an EDM (electronic dance music) beat by an independent beat maker named Tipple M. This song did not only set a trend when Berto performed it at Windermere Hotel, it also marked a major turning point….it got the attention of new opportunities as night club administrators at Esqongweni Tavern privately called him in for business….and again Berto Reez selflessly forwarded the deal to his “acting managers”. Again this added more stars on his profile as Skynet Empire continued to monitor Herbert’s character.
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The year 2018 came to an end, and Berto was still out there, unsigned & tempted by many. In 2019 (this year) Berto Reez resumed his education through a Telone program and in musoc also did one outstanding performance at Lupape State University plus a massive photoshoot that put Bulawayo’s social media trends on a pause for a second. Its no lie, Mr Reez is one outstanding and a physically fit dude! Did I mention that he’s one professional rugby player? Let’s leave that topic for another article, some day…but hey, for the record, Berto Reez’s 2019 photoshoot was magical.

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