Born and bred in Harare, Zimbabwe Solomon Mahlatini is a visual and fine artist who grew up in Kwekwe but later moved to USA in 2011 in a bid to further his studies towards film making.

Inspired by his numerous experiences from nature and tours in his home country and abroad Mahlatini’s projects have caught the attention of art collectors at shows in New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Oklahoma respectively.

His latest offering a series titled Rwendo/Journey seeks to exhume his day to day encounters and all the emotions that he experiences. Mahlatini says all he wants is to leave viewers to have a sense of self-awareness, to be happy, confident and to be proud of their roots and authentic self.

Solomon Mahlatini outlines that we get so caught up in daily activities, that we forget to ask ourselves important questions like; Who am I? What are my beliefs? What do I stand for? and How can I contribute to this universe during my tenure here?

For more vivid information and a close up encounter on Solomon’s work and contact him on:
Phone: (571) 474 7173



Instagram: @solomonmahlatini

Facebook: Solomon Mahlatini

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