“Ti gonzi is not my type” Says Whitney Masike-Zimmagazine

TiGonz not my type” says Masike

… As allegations of home wrecking TiGonzi’s marriage intensify

By Keith Mlauzi

He is not my type!

Lingerie and nude model Whitney Masike has spoken out after home wrecking allegations have been speculating on social media.

The model has rubbished allegations that she is dating rapper TiGonz, she said she only had a professional relationship with him nothing beyond that.

“I only appeared in his video vixen, we didn’t have a romantic relationship what so ever,” said Masike.

The raunchy model also added that even if she had the opportunity to date the rapper she wouldn’t because he is not his type.

“TiGonz is not even my type I just appreciate the good work he is doing with his career,” she added.

Reports have it that when Masike was confronted by Ester (TiGonz’s wife) to stay away from his man, Masike told Ester to treat her man right so he never has to chase other women.

Asked to comment on this Masike did not deny but rather revealed more shocking detail about the marriage of TiGonz and Ester.

“Yes I said that but what I meant was she has be a good wife to her husband because his husband is always complaining that she is emotionally abusing him,” she revealed.

Masike it is her sexy pictures that make Ester so insecure but she will never date her husband.

“I understand that they are so many sexy pictures of me all over the internet and when I started working with TiGonz his wife became insecure but as I said he is not my go to type he is good as a friend,” she defended herself.

Masike is well known for publishing highly explicit and erotic images of her body on the internet in the name of lingerie modelling.

Efforts to get a comment from TiGonz were fruitless as his phone went unanswered.


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