Vimbai Zimuto’s Racy Beach Pic That Broke The Internet (Click Below To See)-Zimmagazine

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Her new social media pic has gotten people waving their Bibles or salivating depending on which side of the aisles they sit.

Our take is that it really isn’t that big a deal. What we think is a laugh is a fake conservative morality in a country where people act like they do not have sex.

And worse yet, when they see someone from another country do the same they will applaud it being a push for women to celebrate their bodies.

Our verdict? Lovely pic Vimbai.

The Netherlands-based singer Vimbai Zimuto is not new to controversy. A few months ago, she decided to turn up the heat with her music video Hapana Kwaunoenda.

The diva set tongues wagging with a racy video, which is a far cry from what most Zimbabweans would term ‘public friendly video’.

The theme of the song, which is about enticing a man, keeping him on lock down so he doesn’t stray, features the songbird in skimpy lingerie which leaves little to the imagination and a lace mask.

The video which is reminiscent of a little 50 shades of grey shows Vimbayi frolicking on the bed and in various stage of semi nu_dity making some very suggestive moves.

The video had many men choking on their drinks. Check it out below:

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