Who takes all the ladies in H Town-Zimmagazine Survey

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Who takes all the women in H Town

With the summer boiling boiling up with all the hype of the festive season. We have been going around conducting a survey. This here is a list of man who we now know are currently taking all the H-Town girls. This is not a list of the richest nor the most handsome. It’s just a list of the guys who take a lot of girls like a fishnet scaling Salton fish to the Rocky surface right from the sea.

Saba and Pizzy

You can scout Pizzy’s tall figure in an instant when you come across his crew. This lawyer and his band of brothers are always hanging by Kebab and Saba the gang leader is a subtle smooth dude. These guys roam around cbd and a lot of girls will clarify with us of having been in their steed.

Boys reZimex

Ask all the saloon workers all the coolest girls from Avondale and places like eastlea. They know these boys by names. Zimex boys have all the connect to trendy fashions and paper is always stacked. Girls like bad boys and Zimex is never short of these aswell as real true hustlers. You see them parked all around that car park by Zimpost and when they ride out they always make sure the prettiest hunnies are riding shotgun

Fucci and Clyde Banks

These young two have been popping up on social media with their music entities but what gives them leverage on scooping girls is their side hustles. Fucci owns a small shop called dripply store so does Banks who owns his shoe and handbags one. These small stores supply almost all the trendy jewelry, heels and handbags that women flock to be in grasp of. These two have been in Zim coolest kids on Instagram couple of times. Kiki Badass being fucci’s Ex and Hajira Belinda (Miss Zimbabwe World) being Clyde Banks’s Ex believe us these kids don’t play. They grab All coolest hunnies from North to South Samora.They have a musical video titled Mofasa together. You can check it out on YouTube

Tripple life

These are the richest kids of Zimbabwe. It consists of politicians kids and this proves money does give you everything including girls. However this crew has an edge in the sense that they do their own hustles to mark their names away from their parents shadows . Likes of @G5 utsi and Belamare Mugabe scoop girls like @Shashl and hot models . Their Christmas party was one of the epic festive partys this year. They know how to turn up and we all know girls just want to have fun.

Ginimbi’s crew

Its a given that this list is wrapped up with the elite trendy boss Ginimbi . He rolls with a crew that gets all the dimes from H Town. You see them before their nights out going live on Instagram and video chatting with random pretty females. They sure know how to throw parties including one when Ginimbi hired a yacht overseas and spent a couple of days onboard just having a good time. The circle is ever growing now that it includes the likes of Stunner.

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