Winky D Goes into Hiding as He Fears for His Life-Zimmagazine

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Zimdancehall award-winning musician Winky D says he now fears for his life. The ‘gaffer’ has since fled from his home and gone into hiding after suspected ZANU PF activists visited his home.

In a telephone interview with The Standard, Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda said:

“It is a very sensitive matter for me to comment on right now. I do not think it is a good thing for me to talk about that issue currently.

“I do not know how safe it is for me to comment on his safety, but maybe we can talk about it in the coming days.”

Winky D’s 2018 hit song, KaSong Kejecha, made him persona non grata to ZANU PF supporters as the song is considered to have ‘Kudira Jecha’ nuances, a saying popularised by the opposition MDC.



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