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Winky D Shines Bright In Africa

Dancehall superstar Wallace “Winky D” Chirumiko is penetrating the global market as his music continuously gets recognition in Africa.

Since the release of his MuGarden video, which features Gemma Griffith, Winky D’s music has received notable appreciation from television and radio shows across Africa Recently, MuGarden was introduced as song of the week on Music Time In Africa (MTIA TV) — an online television which has more than a million followers across the world.

The song Ijipita, off the album Njema, was also introduced by MTIA TV as one of the songs to listen to among other new songs released by other African artists like Wizkid from Nigeria, Maro from Uganda and Amaze from Liberia.

Winky D is being considered as one of Africa’s finest artistes since MTIA TV mostly recognizes the best musicians on their show.

Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda said they appreciate that their work is going beyond borders.

“It is the objective of every artist to be recognized internationally. “I acknowledge the recognition that we are getting across Africa and everywhere,” said Banda. Meanwhile, people are expect-ing videos from the recently released album, Njema.

Banda revealed that it is one of their priorities to come up with the visuals for Njema. “It is our desire to have visuals for this recent project.

“At the moment, I do not know how many videos we will release because a lot of factors will determine the outcome,” he said.

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