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Hailing from the small town of Plumtree, Bhagani, to bigger glories in the City of Kings, BULAWAYO, meet Langa El Sun. His journey in music started off not from anywhere you’d expect, he was born with it. The son of gospel artist from the early 2000’s evolved into the this edge’s facet of entertainment. He is a remarkably devoted fella and it shows from his charisma to his enthusiasm for music. Started off in church bands playing the Keyboard from a young age of 6 years old. He has since crossed over to all forms of sound and musical instruments.

ZimMagazine took a moment to meet up with Langa El Sun and get to know him better, for our sakes and for the fans, for the entertainment thirsty maltitudes of BULAWAYO and beyond. We found out a whole lot of information we did not have about the DJ. “I didn’t always dream of becoming a DJ, instead I always wanted to be a music producer. It was until I got better at music production that I then decided to be a DJ, to play my music, also most DJs in the country don’t make their own music and that limits the growth of their brands, hence seeing that, I had to evolve from being a music producer to becoming a DJ. I do both now.”

Langa El Sun is inspired by the one and only DJ Maphorisa (SA) with his ability to drift into Amy genre and create great music. He aspires to reach a worldwide level of music production and DJying techniques as well as to inspire the same spirit to all other artists in the local industry and beyond. The greatest challenge faced by producers and DJs in the city is the pride to work and cooperate between themselves and other artists of this edge. With unity and cooperation amongst artists a greater level of entertainment would be reached. Langa El Sun feels this is the hindrance to the emergence of a greater entertainment industry for local artists.

2020 is a greater year for the artist. He has projects coming out to quench your entertainment thirst. These include a song he did with the amikable Dr. C’Khupha titled Nomathemba, went on to work with Miggz on a song called Amalangabi, this song was number on Breeze Fm for 3 weeks in a row. With Gerry D, he is currently working on a single called Totori which features a Nigerian artist based in Dubai. Langa El Sun also worked with Cray The I.G on his project called 5LoavesN2fish and they have other upcoming projects together. Being a firm member of the S.G clan, it is not surprising that he has more features with S.G artists in family spirit. He also is engineering the much anticipated Late Night EP by Graham Planks amongst many other projects. “In addition, currently I am working on Whisky Ginger’s upcoming tune.” This man has a lot on his plate but is still open to more and jovial to inspire positive change within the industry.

“In 2020, expect more music from me, more mixes, I’ll be dropping my single, details to follow. 2020 yim le game it’s high time I fully share my talent with the whole world. I want to spread love, music helped me escape a lot of dangerous situations, I know it can do that to a lot of people and at the end of the day, the world will be a better place. As Black Coffee said ‘if we can dance together, we can live together’.”

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