Xenophobia Poem by Khulekani Ndlovu-Zimmagazine

Let the messages in my laughs be heard today,
Let the words mounted on my smiles be seen this day
Because it really didn’t mean anything
When my tears did the speaking
It has always been seen as nothing
When I was desperate for humanity

Is it right? Is it wrong?
For me to seek advice from elders
When Africa itself taught me betrayal and war.

I am that one over looked girl
The one who is always feasting on hunger
Yes it’s me, the restless spirit walking in a torn dress
The one living under the chains and stains of brutality
The one you indirectly oppressed by keeping quiet.

I am that bitter and helpless soul
With a mother who was incinerated on the street
and saw her ash being dumped into a dust bin.

I am that emotionally strangled child
With a brother who was given up to the fangs of stray dogs
After being pounded and mashed like ripe yam

I am that defenseless innocent child
With a father who was stoned to death before my eyes
His scarlet blood living a tragic story scribbled in my mind

I just never thought!

That black people would consider other black people to be prey
I never thought that a human life which can’t be bought, can be traded for just a job

I am that child with a lost dream, a dream which was murdered together with my friends and family
I am that crippled child who lost limps and freedom, trying to escape from being tortured for a crime I did not commit.

I am that homeless and sickly child, who lost everything because my parents wanted to put food on the table.

But why? Why so much hate for your neighbours
I am just a child!
But what has Africa taught me?
Besides hating the same melanin skin that we all have
And murdering the people with the same woolen hair

I ask again
is it right ? is it wrong?
For Africans to massacre Africans
What will we ever gain?
By spilling the blood of fellow humans for jobs which humans created.

As for me,
That one over-looked girl, I have missed the chance
But Save any other victim from these mass graves
Say NO to xenophobia!

Khulekani Ndlovu

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