Zanu Pf bans Winky D’s album launch-Zimmagazine

On Monday, the government denied that it had issued a directive blocking the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation’s (ZBC) scheduled interview with Zimdancehall artiste Winky D’s ahead of the launch of his new album (Njema) set for 31 December 2019.

However, in a petition whose source could not be immediately established written to the national broadcaster, the deputy director in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Censorship Entertainment and Control Unit expressed reservations over the album launch.

The petition reads:

RE: Petition Against Launch of Wallace Winky D Chirumiko’s Album.

We write to you so as to register our displeasure over the launch of an album by Wallace Winky D Chirumiko titled Njema.

It is understood by the general citizens of Zimbabwe that his music is now political for it carries political messages that are incitive.

The album launch seems to be an opener to a series of destabilization programmes as outlined by the enemies of this state.

The song ljipita among others are a clear attack on the authority as has been kasong kejecha.

We understand it is part of your obligation to censor such before it officially gets into the public. The album launch is set for 31st of December 2019.

Looking forward to your cooperation.

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