Zimmodel commits suicide after H-Metro leaks her nudes(Tikitah Wenyu)-Zimmagazine


Tikitah Wenyu also known as Whitney is believed to have taken her own life after her nudes had gone viral.

She is believed to have took Roger(pesticide spay)and added it to the food that she was eating. Tikitah died yesterday night. Sources say the poor girl was taken to Parirenyatwa hospital where she passed her last breath.

Sad news for the modeling industry, for such a young potential soul has joined the land of the dead.

Much pressure was added by H-METRO which published her nudes pics in a state newspaper. Sources say she left these words before taking her last breathe, “May God bless who ever made those stickers and who ever passed those photos”, and then she passed on.

Talking of now many are mourning the death of this precious soul. She also said let her enemies come and see her go down as they all have been waiting for. However Whitney’s mother said she loved her daughter despite all the mischievous dids. Some of the relatives said that may God punish whoever has a thing to do with her death meaning whoever helped in the spread of the photos and all. Journalists are taking pictures and investigation taking place for the person who first shared the sticker is to be hunt down and get jailed so that he or she could pay the same way the model has paid. The priest at the funeral said “My fellow Zimbabweans, how can you say you can are not a murderer whilst you helped murdering someone’s future, look at her, our daughter has passed on, May God bless the soul of the people who helped sharing those pictures of my late holly, May Her soul rest in ever lasting peace.

Whitney’s body has not been taken inside the door because she died of suicide she will be buried today at 2 pm so if you want to see her last views you can visit her previous place in Avondale.

May her soul rest in peace

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